Saturday, October 18, 2008

The anti-union tool kit

Learn the ABC's of surveilling your employees, controlling their movements and conversations, and serving up the "straight scoop" on unions with the informational video available here.

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J.R. Boyd said...

I should have known that Joe Brock was a former Teamster. That is my union, and, historically, one of the least democratic in the country. Personally, I don't see how taking paychecks from union-busting outfits is going to alter the distribution of power within the Teamsters; but perhaps he is past the point of caring. On some level, I can sympathize, because a lot of people assume reform is something that will happen when they -- the "good" people -- assume a position of power themselves -- only to get completely burned out as a result. And that is because it is very hard for individuals to change institutions by themselves; this is the very premise that "unions" are based on: people have to work together to defend shared interests.

Here is what Brock said in an interview with the Philadelphia Inquirer:

"[W]hen your employer tells you that it's not in your best interest as employees to join a union, you have to look at that with a grain of salt. They're biased against them. I also tell them that the union is not the best source of information because they stand to make money on the basis of your joining. You need to find out for yourself what's true. One of the first things I tell employees is, if I was a worker today, I'd probably look for that union job."