Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The rich man's burden

I have read a series of articles detailing how poor people suffer when the very wealthy suddenly become less wealthy, principally because they have less wealth to with which to promote their own charitable foundations. Apparently, wealthy people do far more good with their wealth than poor people can ever do with their poverty; in fact, the amount of good done is directly proportional to the dollar amount that appears alongside their name in related news coverage.

If there's any question left as to whether poor people can possibly compete with the wealthy when it comes to selfless do-goodery, just tell me the last time you heard of a poor person parting with a million dollars in stock dividends in order to fund a cure for cancer? It is to laugh! Poor people suck, man! Let's worry about getting the wealthy back in the black so they can go on saving us all. Tax cuts all around!

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