Monday, December 08, 2008

Don't tread on me patience

HBO's John Adams. Or, as colonial America's first revolutionary rapper, NoToryAss, hailed his full-length debut, John Blabbums and Abigail's Grab'ems. The hits are all here: "Nuthin But a Tea Thang," "Better Dead than Red (skinned, coated, whatevs)," and the plantation club hit "Spinnin in Yo Slave."

Pig vomit makes a fine founding father, though it is my opinion of modern entertainment that putting millions of dollars behind anybody who does not work a day job will permit them to do things the rest of us can't. Look at "Ashlee" Simpson -- or, for that matter, Sarah Palin. Just put an orchestral score behind my ass getting out of bed every morning and I promise it will bring you to tears! We are all stars, I say -- if only the world would listen! And patriots? Negro please! I haven't seen a single black face in the entire five hours of farce thus far! Did black people exist in colonial America or not? Was Morgan Freeman not available to reprise his role as the elder Barack Obama of America's pearly white soul? I trust HBO will come to these subjects in their own good time, not unlike the government they portray.

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