Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Big fish

The President talks tough to a weak industry comprised of blue collar workers. But he cannot talk tough to a powerful industry comprised of white collar workers. In either case, the market approves.

Liberals may point to this as wrong. It's bad policy that rewards the wrong people.

But this ignores our springtime constellation of power. Looking forward, Obama must secure Wall Street's money, not autoworker's votes. It's not like union families are going to vote Republican, after all.

Meanwhile, the men of best quality fret that their bets in Washington might turn out as badly as their bets on Wall Street. To be sure, Barack Obama has been a gamble: he said a lot of crazy things to get elected, and hasn't talked his way out of them since. Will he lend his talents to the dark side, or must the Emperor end his scene?

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