Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Amity Shlaes, Bloomberg:

Just when you think they couldn’t possibly grab any more, they do. Senior citizens, that is, now that President Barack Obama has proposed sending each retiree a $250 check some time soon.

I'd only like to note that this person has a career in commentary. Draw your own conclusions.


cemmcs said...

Shlaes is featured prominently in this piece.

The Enclosed Instruction Book said...

Oooooh, those old people on a fixed income! Goldman Sachs has nothing on those rapacious rogues!

C-Nihilist said...

she ends with:
Since they can't argue with seniors, Americans are rushing to become them.

referring to the increased number of people who have retired "early" at age 62 over the last year rather than waiting.

Shlaes is being deliberately obtuse, if not outright dishonest.

it seems obvious that the job market figures in this trend somehow...

Anonymous said...

Yea Montag. Shleazey's obtuseness and dishonesty are pretty much THE inextricable qualities of ANY perspective on a false debate about state intervention in the 'private' or 'free' or 'whatever' market--certainly about a market that was TOTALLY propped up on what even Krugman is capable of calling "an enormous public works program known as world war two."