Friday, November 20, 2009

Smells like syndicalist spirit

David Graeber, Direct Action:

[C]ertain strikes are better examples of direct action than others. [A] favorite example is a strike by transit workers in Melbourne in the 1980s in which, rather than walking off their jobs, bus drivers and train conductors stayed on, but stopped collecting fares -- effectively making mass transportation free until the action was over. Imagine...what would happen if, for just one day, workers in every branch of industry and service trade did the same. This alone could be a major step in showing how a capitalist economy could be transformed into an economy of freedom.

Isn't making life easier for everyone a small price to pay in the fight to make life easier for everyone?


Anonymous said...

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BroadSnark said...

That is brilliant. I always hate transit strikes because the poor people who have to take buses suffer the most.

Anonymous said...

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Enron said...

Yes. And I love the Chinabots.