Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Health, profit, and power

Financial Times:

[Barack Obama] is set next month to sign into law a bill that, while dramatically expanding health insurance coverage, will largely leave insurance in the hands of private companies.

This would be cool if private companies were in the business of covering people's health care expenses, rather than dodging them as a rule. Given the choice between shelving the legislative goal of affordable health care for all and nationalizing the market of the very industry that precludes it, one marvels at the pointlessness of our "representative" form of governance altogether. With success like this, who needs Democrats anyway?


C-Nihilist said...

everything is proceeding according to plan. at least, it must seem so to the investors responsible for rising health sector stock values this week.

d.mantis said...

It always puzzles me that people can be so motivated to rail against their own interests.

What is so hard to understand: the health insurance industry's sole purpose is to increase stock prices. Most of the protesters against "Obamacare" I have spoken with always have a good story about their own experiences or someone they know. Yet, for Christ's sake, when you hear about bad experiences, people fucking die!

It is sort of like the description an old professor gave me about MIT. It is a research institute that just so happens to teach classes on the side. Insurance companies are a profit-motivated buisness that just so happens to fuck people to death!

d.mantis said...

Even better!

Just because health insurance sometimes helps a few lucky bastards, dosen't exempt them from killing a shitload of unlucky ones.

Just because MIT employs Noam Chomsky, dosen't mean that it exempts them from being a military research lab.

I need to practice my analogies...