Monday, August 30, 2010

All the King's men

Financial Times:

If Martin Luther King had a nightmare, it might have involved Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin, the patron saints of the conservative Tea Party movement, taking over the anniversary of his historic civil rights address to attack the US’s first African-American president.

I'm pretty sure if Martin Luther King, Jr., had a nightmare, it might have something to do with what his legitimate successors aren't doing about war, poverty, and racism by occupying themselves with respectable careers.


fwoan said...

Not according to his niece.

But yeah, MLK's nightmares probably didn't involve opportunistic bigots - his daily life involved being attacked by them.

Anonymous said...

there's a problem w/your word "legitimate". j jackson may have stood beside mlk j in '63 or whenever, but he (and others) have long since forfeited whatever legitimacy that once gave them.