Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Status update

Pretty good extended holiday weekend. Believed myself to have great revolutionary potential in nearly every encounter, but was thwarted by a familial preference for sporting events and the sensation of not feeling awkward. The good news is that Petite Sirah is like a revolution in the mouth -- at one point I think I experienced communism in the corner. Also: Saw first episode ever of Dancing with the Stars. Jimminy Christmas, man. The revolution needs a whole new party planner. This concludes my weekend report from the front lines of hearts and minds.


Sasha said...

Just wondering:

What are you doing for May Day? Do you celebrate it?

Hattie said...

Hmm. We ignored Easter all together. It can be done.

JRB said...


I'm hanging out with my mom, who's in town today.

I haven't heard of anything especially interesting happening for May Day in Philly. I try to celebrate or observe these types of things everyday. What are you up to?