Friday, January 20, 2012

Yeah, buddies

Bloomberg Businessweek:
A businesswoman who can maintain her poise in a strip club will prove to be a team player. Try not to appear shocked by your surroundings, even if it's your first time. If you don't mind getting a lap dance, it will endear you to your male colleagues, though the endearment may not be reciprocal.

If you're unable to tolerate the teeming male sexuality, chat up the strippers. They may well appreciate the female companionship. To thank them for their time, either purchase them a drink or buy a man in your party a lap dance.
The businesswoman who can maintain her poise in a strip club may very well prove herself a team player, but one wonders about the goals.


Anonymous said...

...not to mention the team!

Jack Crow said...

Odd assumptions, in both the negative and the positive.

The first treats a "woman in a strip club" as if she were automatically incapable of anything but outrage, such that her loyalty to the team is measured by her ability to restrain this supposed predictable reaction.

The second is the unstated admission that there's something recognizably offensive about women contorting themselves into odd postures, whilst clad in odder outfits, that men would need to test a woman's reaction by subjecting to her a view of the same.

Justin said...

A view of the top, from a perspective at the bottom.

lightspring said...

You mean, some of the reasons my stock isn't paying a dividend this year is that the executives are testing one another's reactions to strip clubs?

God bless the American economy. Time to send the entire team off to one of those expensive retreats where they learn how to network better on facebook.