Friday, October 08, 2004

Arcata, CA Impeaches Bush

from The Times-Standard
Arcata is calling on Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld to be impeached for having "planned, prepared, initiated and waged ... wars of aggression against Afghanistan and Iraq ... in violation of numerous international laws," including the U.N. Charter, Nuremberg Principles, the Geneva Accords and the U.S. Constitution.


Sheryl said...

It's not that I don't share their sentiment, but we're about to vote the bastard out of office. If you impeached him, then you don't necessarily get all the SOBs in the process. If you vote him out, then Kerry would get to make zillions of executive appointments and all these shmucks would be gone. Yeah!!!!

Maybe this is good as a reminder of the PR problems we have with Bush as our leader--that he divides our country, but beyond that, I'd rather just blow him away in the election. Judging from the post debate polls, he's going to be political toast by the time people start voting (irregardless what Gecko might want to think .) That will make it much harder to fraud the election without the dangers of a civil war. I don't think even the Bushies would want to start a civil war.

Anonymous said...

ahhh... my old home town! glad to see they still make some news once in awhile...


G-Man said...

Since most democrats are against owning guns and most republicans own at least one, I'm guessing it wouldn't be a very long civil war at all.

Sheryl said...

Hey G-Man,

But thanks to the republicans, the gun law barriers have been removed, so it wouldn't take the liberals long at all to arm themselves. No waiting period. No background checks. No records to speak of.

Isn't that the theory to the second amendment? That if the government illegitimately takes power, then the people can rise against it?

Doesn't bother me. I'll save my money and move to Switzerland, but if there's another right wing coup on democracy, then I would either expect a revolt or at least an assasination. People won't take another four years under a group that both cheated to get in and is bankrupting the country.

G-Man said...

Go for it! Have fun paying stifling taxes and getting piss poor medical care in Switzerland.

Look you democrats started a civil war before and got you asses handed to you in a basket what makes you think this time would be any different?

Let me remind you of another little fact, more republicans have served in the military than democrats. Owning a gun and being proficient with it are two different things, besides, democrats would grab guns that look scary, not guns that are scary because that's the kind of guns they like to ban. I can just see it now:

Two good democrats are shopping for their civil war weapons, one turns to the other and says, "hey look at this gun! It has a pistol grip, a shrouded forearm and a flash supressor, so it has to be deadly! Let's by it!" The other retorts, "yeah too bad it doesn't have a bayonet mount, I really wanted a bayonet mount."

Republican walks in and says to the gun shop owner, "Soon as you're done selling these idiots their dressed up .22, let me get that FN-FAL, a couple of extra mags and a couple of boxes of Remington 180 Grain Core-lokt's".

The Republican walks out of the the store and is immediately jumped by the democrats who just bought their dressed up .22's. Problem is, because they've never owned a gun, they don't know how to operate one or even how to aim. The Republican laughs, kicks their asses and takes their toy guns for his sons to play with.

Sheryl said...

So what's this? Republicans always win when bullydom is the name of the game? I guess that's what you are arguing. Certainly was true in Iraq.

If you want a mean, nasty group, Republicans will always win. I concede, which is why I would move to Switzerland. It's a more civilized country. In terms of taxes, at least I'd get some health care out of it. It wouldn't all go to militaristic cronyism.

G-Man said...

You've obviously never lived in Europe. I have, socialized medicine isn't all it's cracked up to be. With the profit motive removed, there's no motivation to innovate or go the extra-mile with a patient.

As far as your other comments, You don't see Republicans out ransacking their opponent's campaign offices or trespassing on the other party's convention now do you? Who's the thugs really? The one's that break the laws or the one's that protect what's theirs. I know what your obviously biased answer will be, but at least if you answer it will place your hypocrisy on display for whomever cares to read it.

gecko said...

Let me see. If you are a Republican (or hold some conservative views) you are a bully, butr if you are a Democrat you are only excercising your free speech rights to protest. Maybe that key perception point is why the majority of conservatives don't resort to such measures. Yeah, and lets impeach Bush for freeing 50 million people from ignorance.

J.R. Boyd said...

Wow, did Bush make the cut?

Sheryl said...

For starters, I lived in Europe four months. I lived in New Zealand 3 and a half years. I love socialized medicine!!! It's fantastic. It was a great experience for me. And the United Nations ranks the US something like 35th in healthcare. Our life expectancy is something like 17th. If you really think healthcare is great in this country, just wait till you get really sick.

Gecko, in terms of what you wrote, cut me some slack.This G-Man chap is pushing my buttons, so that I will counterattack. I fully admit that his ignorance and third rate propaganda is pissing me off. I know when people are trying to discuss issues versus when they are just agitating. And he is nothing but an agitator.

It's one thing talking to you, because at least there is some legitimate dialog there, but I know when someone is purely egging me on for the sake of it. He's not considering a damn word I am writing.

He's just accusing me of all the things he is used to assuming the democrats think, some of which I don't even agree with (or at least have a different spin on.) I've had more logical discussions with my wall.

In terms of Ryan's comment, I didn't understand it.

gecko said...

OK, OK. I do think that there are more examples of extremism on the left side than the right side; thank God I'm leaning toward the middle, though. I will try and talk some sense into G-man; from visiting his blog, it seems he is only used to liberals with the "troll" mentality, not intelligent liberals such as yourself. I hope to get him up to our level; I feel he has it in him!