Wednesday, April 30, 2008

NYT: Black preacher too charismatic

Yesterday the New York Times ran what was for all practical purposes an editorial on Jeremiah Wright disguised as a news story. Among the insights to be gained was this gem:

[I]t turns out that Mr. Wright doesn’t hate America, he loves the sound of his own voice.

It's hard to know what particular tool the author thought an African-American pastor would use to ply his trade if speaking was too much in bad taste.

Wright is accused of enjoying himself too much, speaking excitedly -- and on topics ranging from the bible to world affairs to black history! He is also indicted for making the very forum that developed in response to the media's portrayal of him as "anti-American" too much about himself and not enough about Obama. In conclusion, Jeremiah Wright is simply too much the black preacher, and too little the campaign asset to be useful to anyone of importance at the Times or within the Democratic party.

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