Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Bidnis skillz 101

Knowing how to take orders is an important part of being at the bottom of the corporate chain of command. However, knowing how to take orders and passing them on to those at the bottom is an important part of earning a much larger salary.

The advantages to earning a large salary should be self-evident; however, the advantages of earning jack shit are not to be overlooked. For one thing, you never have to order other people around, which makes interacting with them as pleasant as you choose -- especially in cases where you choose it to be infrequent, a luxury the manager does not have.

Also, don't forget that while taking orders is a crucial part of what makes your national economy tick, carrying them out is entirely up to you. Courteous agreement with superiors over methodology yields the most liberty to do things how you prefer -- or as a 60 year old Italian package handler once said, "I just nod my head when they talk and do what I want when they're gone."

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