Monday, June 21, 2010

When it comes to understanding the Middle East, I too am guilty

Shelby Steele, Wall Street Journal:

[W]e ignore that the Palestinians -- and for that matter much of the Middle East -- are driven to militancy and war not by legitimate complaints against Israel or the West but by an internalized sense of inferiority.

I'll be the first to admit my own culpability in ignoring this point. But, in my defense, that's only because I find it very unpersuasive!


Richard said...

The fullness of that Steele column is a wonder to behold. It shames me to think that, as an undergraduate in college, I once found something of value in some of his writing about race (though even there, I later realized that I was misreading much of it, and that he was the standard conservative black go-to voice for the mainstream media). But to see him go on about the decades-long "deficit of moral authority" in the West, and the West's "reluctan[ce] to use our full military might in war"--I know it shouldn't surprise me, but it does. But then, I habitually avoid the mainstream press (if it weren't for you or IOZ or BDR or others, I'd never know about the nonsense they spew); returning to it is, as ever, depressing and instructive.

Ethan said...

We ignore that the Palestinians--and for that matter much of the Middle East--are driven to breathing not by a legitimate desire to continue living, but by a savage, irrational hatred of oxygen.

DPirate said...

And Israel and the west are driven to militancy and war by an internalized sense of superiority. So fucking what?

The guy is a shill.