Saturday, July 24, 2010

What the TV teaches


At the moment I caught the show, Larry was asking what passes for a profound, introspective question in this country, “Is America still one of the greatest countries on earth?” Hugh paused, thoughtfully, leaned in slightly, and then, his leering grin turned down in an expression mock seriousness for once, simply said, “Yes.”

I once saw Larry King interview something that refers to itself as an "Anderson Cooper 360."

King asked: How do you intend to get into Haiti in the middle of this unprecedented catastrophe?

This thing emitted data about Haiti's borders and topography, the position of the sun at local time, the sensibilities of its kin ... instead of just saying: "My producer's handling all that."

Meanwhile, Sanjay Gupta haunted the streets of Port-au-Prince, auditioning victims for prime time!

It's reasons like these I want to kill myself every time I am queued in a US airport.


Ethan said...

Just a few minutes ago the Baronette came across a description of Larry King as being "flamboyantly inoffensive."

The Anderson Cooper 360 in Haiti was astounding.

almostinfamous said...

let's play a round of multiple choice celebrity jeopardy!!

anderson cooper 360

a) a filthy sex act
b) a 'finishing move' in professional wrestling
c) one of the finest examples of elite ascendancy in american journalism (and america in general)
e) just another propagandist in the modern pantheon

zencomix said...

"It's reasons like these I want to kill myself every time I am queued in a US airport."

I had the same reaction last week, but Wolf Blitzer beat Larry to the punch.

Enron said...

Don't worry, the full body scanners may do it soon enough.

RLaing said...

I can't watch TV myself. I suffer from the paranoid delusion that the people responsible for the content are engaged in a conscious conspiracy to maximize idiocy in the audience.

Strangely enough, this delusion is not improved by exposure to the medium.