Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Wealthiest Americans Must Pay More

This letter was published in yesterday's Metro, under the above title (not mine), and in co-ordination with the MoveOn.org initiative to debunk Bush campaign ads as they are aired.

In a new campaign ad, George Bush claims that opponent John Kerry will raise taxes by 900 billion in the first 100 days as president. In fact, Kerry's proposition is to cut taxes for middle- and lower-income families, while rolling back the Bush tax cuts for families making over $200,000 to pre-Bush rates.

Alternatively, President Bush has cut taxes for upper-income families, raising the cost of living for everyone else. Think SEPTA fares are too high? Gas bill? Tax money can be used to defray the cost of services we all use--but not if the wealthiest Americans don't contribute.

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