Sunday, May 23, 2004

I have always been a great advocate of old people. Old people may not be the most popular people in the world, but they are often times the nearest death. This means if you don't like a person, just wait long enough and you won't have to sit through their next State of the Union address. This works equally well when you are aged, and you grow weary of emptying your bowels all over The National Review. As Gandhi once said, "the only devils in the world are those running around in our own hearts, or falling off bicycles in your soul."

I appreciated Barry's close relation in a way that he obviously did not. I smiled politely and nodded my head as the little man entered into all manner of wild gesticulation over the possibility that he would be disappointed by the new Spiderman release. I enjoyed hearing the critical perspective of one who walked the tightrope of existence in the way young people pass venereal disease.

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Sheryl said...

If you haven't heard the Austin Lounge Lizards song "Old Blevins," try to get a copy of it some time. It's on their "Small Minds" album, which is very funny.