Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Howard Zinn on Iraq

"It seems very hard for some people--especially those in high places, but also those striving for high places--to grasp a simple truth: The United States does not belong in Iraq. It is not our country. Our presence is causing death, suffering, destruction, and so large sections of the population are rising against us..."

- Howard Zinn

Interview with The Korea Times


Sheryl said...

I think whether the US should leave or stay should be relative to whatever the United Nations thinks we should do. I think it's time we stop making unilateral decisions with zero regard for the international community. If they UN wants us out, then we should leave. If the UN wants us in, then we should stay (but probably under french or arab control.)

And once Kerry is President, we should rejoin the International Criminal Court and ship Bush and Co to Baghdad to be tried for war crimes against humanity.

The alternative would be to deliver Bush's head in a bag to that square where the Americans took down that statue.

Sheryl said...

Arabic music in Real Audio:'ll try to insert a link again. See if it lets me this time.