Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Closing Libraries in Steinbeck's Hometown

from CNN
Facing record deficits, the City Council voted December 14 to shut all three of Salinas' libraries, including the branches named after Steinbeck and labor leader Cesar Chavez. The blue-collar town of 150,000 could become the most populous U.S. city without a public library.


gecko said...

Just think of all the good things George Soros could do...In the Philipines, many schools and institutions such as libraries rely on good benefactor donations.

Sheryl said...

You are thinking of the wrong George, Gecko. The George who is wasting public resources goes by the name Bush.

The George by the name of Soros already donates his own money to countries across the planet, including the Philippines:


Sheryl said...

Hey, Ryan? You feeling better? Hope so.

My body keeps thinking of catching of cold, but the immune system is doing its job for once. Yea!!!!

gecko said...

OK, so what is he doing to help his fellow man?

Oh, yeah, I hope you are feeling better, too, Ryan.

1138 said...

Gecko recommends that we adopt the third world model where the American people would be dependent on the charity of a few rather than the people being uplifted by the fruits of mutual cooperation.

Sad, sad, sad.

If this country cannot support public libraries for financial reasons, how long will it be before we can no longer support other vital institutions? The fire departments, water treatment, sanitation and road works, I suppose we should rely on 'benefactors' for those as well?
Access to the library is as vital as the others and is the canary in the coal mine for them. I won't say I expect anyone in the civil sector to defend the nerdy Library folks, quite the reverse the shameful behavior of the American Union movement over the last 30 years shows that short term self interest and bigotry against those who have been typed as losers and elitists is the rule not the exception.
We are a nation in search of a fuehrer.

gecko said...

I hate having to defend myself, so I usually just brush these things off. What I really am disappointed with is when some one puts words in my mouth or takes what I say out of context. It's my mouth; stay out!!

What was refered to was a library system in California; a place where poor management and a high cost of everything is the norm. I did not suggest that these institutions should be funded by philanthropy alone; I mearly suggested that in this place of elitists, some philanthropy is in order.

City and local governments here have depended on the high tax revenues for far too long, so their principles of fiscal management are lacking.

Just an outsider-looking-in's opinion. Please stay in your own mouth.

1138 said...


If that is what you had said, I would have given you no argument.
But that is not what you said.
Go back and check the words issued from your 'mouth', a place I have no desire to visit.
You proposed that the a benefactor George Soros and the system should follow the model of the Philipines.
There was no suggestion in any way of waste and mismanagement that should be reformed or aided you advocated a charity based system alone.

Do not acuse others of putting words in your mouth, when all they are doing is giving you the credit of meaning what you say.

gecko said...

An assumption that other people know more than they do about the subject at hand on my part. My appologies.