Friday, January 14, 2005


from MSNBC
[Al-Jazeera] is the lone Arabic broadcast outlet to put truth and objectivity above even its survival. For its pains during the five years of its existence, it has been attacked by virtually every government in the Middle East.

The network’s bureaus around the region are periodically closed because of al-Jazeera’s insistence in airing stories about the corruption of government officials in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria and elsewhere. Israeli officials and journalists, all but banned from other Middle Eastern networks, are staples on al-Jazeera, whose motto is “We get both sides of the story.”


Sheryl said...

I don't follow the arab newspapers much, but have you tried Dar Al-Hayat?

I have seen a few references to it and what I saw seemed neutral.

lorraine said...

I read on Poynter today that they are building a headquarters in DC, but of course, due to their own security concerns, there will be no big signs announcing their presence. Even in this country, they're in danger.