Thursday, January 06, 2005

Ballad of The Angry Arab

from Bin Laden, Islam, and America's New "War on Terrorism"
Anti-American activism caused by resentment of U.S. policy is open and pervasive in the Middle East. To improve the climate, Americans need to bypass the commercial media and become aware of the core grievances held against U.S. policy. First, the U.S. is held directly responsible for the imposition of oppressive regimes against the wishes of their people. It is unlikely that the Jordanian, Egyptian, Kuwaiti, Bahraini, Tunisian, and Moroccan regimes would have survived until today if it was not for direct U.S. military, intelligence, and political support.

...When U.S. officials speak about "moderate" and "friendly" Arab governments, the American public needs to realize the people living under those governments do not find them moderate or friendly... Moderation and friendliness are defined purely in terms of subservience to U.S. interests, not the interests of the country's civil society.

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Sheryl said...

That author sounds very familiar. I wonder where I heard his name before.