Thursday, February 05, 2009

Higher callings

Management at my industrial gig is threatening layoffs and/or firing for anybody who does not stay in their good graces -- as narrowly interpreted by them at any given moment. In a kaleidoscope world of ever-shifting rules, the reading of tea-leaves usually brings bad news to the poor.

I have imagined several choice retorts, but this is my favorite so far: "Hey, buddy, I'm just here to make other people wealthy."

The remark satisfies two important criteria. The first is that it is true, in the scheme of things. The second is that many managers don't recognize what is true, in the scheme of things, because their rewards are organized in the other direction. So saying anything about work-life that underscores the transient value of people, fundamentally, is likely to produce cognitive dissonance in those most invested with its mission.

And that means I don't get in trouble for saying it.

Only one question remains: with or without Shrek 2 cat eyes?

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