Thursday, February 26, 2009

When the enemy of your enemy is not your friend

Look at how this high-profile Obama supporter makes several true statements to the horror of his corporate hosts. Note how the hosts conflate their studied conformity to the status quo with "being informed." It's terrible being burned for defending the least controversial position -- particularly when your career teeters on the valiant defense of such things. Did you hear Scarborough reads the New York Times? In that case, he must have been right about Iraq all along!*

But before we give this nifty Democrat a high-five, bear in mind that this is same guy that helped the acid-throwing women haters take over Afghanistan, because it was viewed as beneficial to America -- well, to policy makers who believed themselves to be in a protracted war with global communism -- at the time. Planes have flown into buildings in the time since, and our official position is now to drive a wedge between two branches of women hating because the Taliban portion is viewed as detrimental to America -- or, to the policy makers who believe themselves to be in a protracted war with global terrorism -- at least compared with the non-Taliban, drug gang chieftans.

And if that isn't a recipe for success then I don't know what the expression "world leader" means!

So the lesson here may be that just because someone in power says things we agree with doesn't mean they speak for us in general, or categorically deserve our support.

*The New York Times was not right about Iraqi WMDs, the original pretext for war. They got most of their information from a single, self-interested source.

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