Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I am not an entrepreneur

The language of inequality is filled with words like "freedom" and "prosperity," but they always describe the prerogatives of the speaker.

The rest of us just use the language: a retired neighbor calls me a "young entrepreneur" when in fact much of the value I "create" is pocketed by my employers; whatever I "innovate" is theirs to keep as well; and with no further obligation to my welfare whatsoever!

So it is the equivalent of calling me a sucker, even if it is intended to hold me in esteem with the very class of scoundrels that rob me daily.

How to communicate this in the course of polite conversation would be a wonderful thing to resolve: "I am not an entrepreneur" are the truest words never said by most of us, because they cannot be understood without a language that accurately describes our lives.

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Montag said...

how about "serf"? =P