Friday, September 25, 2009

The story of my strife

Bertrand Russell, The Will to Doubt; 1958:

The amusements of modern populations tend more and more to be passive and collective, and to consist of inactive observation of the skilled activities of others.  Undoubtedly such amusements are much better than none, but they are not as good as would be those of a population which had, through education, a wider range of intelligent interests not connected with work.   Better economic organization, allowing mankind to benefit by the productivity of machines, should lead to a very great increase of leisure, and much leisure is apt to be tedious except to those who have considerable intelligent activities and interests.  If a leisured population is to be happy, it must be an educated population, and must be educated with a view to mental enjoyment as well as to the direct usefulness of technical knowledge.

That is all well and good -- but did you see that Family Guy episode!?

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