Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Smart is good, but crazy is winning

Thomas Frank, Wall Street Journal:

Instead of knifing your allies, try fighting for the principles of your party. It's true, that's not what Mr. Clinton did. But it's what Franklin Roosevelt did, and Harry Truman, and John Kennedy -- and it worked for them. In those days, "working-class revolts" helped Democrats, not Republicans.

The difference is, "in those days," "working-class revolts" were organized by socialists.  Today they are organized by Glenn Beck. 

Woody Allen has an expression: Eighty percent of success is showing up.  Glenn Beck shows up.  Meanwhile, "progressives" sneer.  This brings us to a point I made often over the summer: Who the fuck do you think the white working class is going to listen to when we have no more socialists and progressives don't even bother showing up?  The answer: whoever does.

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