Friday, January 22, 2010

Throw the bums in

Gillian Tett, Financial Times:

In the last 48 hours, or since the Democratic party suffered a shock defeat in Massachusetts, e-mails have been circulating among key Democratic party support groups demanding that the Obama administration aggressively clamp down on the banking world, to regain voter trust.

You might think that in a country where the average citizen is

1. Mad at bankers

2. Under- or unemployed; or overworked and underpaid

3. Without any guarantee they will be able to get the medical care they need

that such concerns would find political expression in some way other than support for those parties which

1. Are financed by Wall Street

2. Are financed by employers

3. Are financed by for-profit health insurance companies

This would explain why voters keep voting against them.  If only it didn't mean electing them back into office at the same time!

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C-Nihilist said...

the spectacle only provides for an extremely narrow band of "political expression."