Monday, May 17, 2010

Film review: It might get loud

Three wankers wank. Meanwhile, the world dies.


Jane said...

Well stated.

Though I despise everything about U2, I enjoy Led Zeppelin and the White Stripes. However, this flick was a crashing bore from beginning to end. None of them had anything interesting to say. No chemistry between them, and the jam at the end had no feeling whatsoever.

Guitarists are not required to be interesting people apart from their music, unless you're asking people to listen to them gab for 90 minutes.

I did get a few cheap laughs from the Edge demonstrating how he gussies up the simplest chord progressions with a battery of toys Rick Wakeman would drool over.

Jack Crow said...

I didn't mind the profile of White outside of the setting, and I've always found Jimmy Page to be a sloppy, talented, stuffy bore in person (I still really like Zeppelin).

But the Edge was just insufferable.