Monday, May 24, 2010

The truth about our food

A Tiny Revolution:

I just watched Food, Inc..

That's funny because I just watched Food, Inc..

What I want to say about it is this: The apparent diversity of food in our supermarkets is actually nothing more than a few, heavily subsidized ingredients scientifically engineered into a multitude of forms.

Most of the meat we eat comes from sick animals, whose sickness stems from fact that we force feed them the same heavily subsidized staple crops that are used to make everything else.

US agribusiness advertises job opportunities in Mexican news markets, and relies on workers who lack citizenship rights to keep their mouths shut about the conditions in which our food is produced. They also have an informal agreement with the INS to deport so many workers on a rotating basis, keeping their workforce "fresh."

Corporate food companies contract with farmers, keeping proprietary control over the entire process.

The truth about most of our food is that if you saw how it was made, you wouldn't want to eat it.

Nell at ATR writes: "[F]or people whose main concern is the health of the planet, the well-being of the animals they do consume, and the healthfulness of same: no need to give up meat entirely. Cut down, pay attention to the source, support humane and sustainable livestock raisers."

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