Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Good friend still prefers Cosmo to reading this blog, despite its revolutionary potential

A very good friend has confirmed that she still prefers Cosmopolitan magazine to reading this blog, even in spite of the likely role it will play in the event of a peasant- and/or proletarian-based revolution in the Northeastern United States.

"No, I like your blog -- I really do," my friend stated.

Earlier that day, a link to a feature article at cosmopolitan.com appeared as a wall post in my friend's profile on Facebook. "Cosmo is so bad it's good!" was the accompanying text.

Notably absent, however, was any like-minded enthusiasm for this blog, despite what in recent weeks can only be described as the mind-boggling obviousness of its revolutionary potential.

"I mean, how many fucking times does a guy have to quote Karl Marx to be taken seriously around here?" I asked myself not for the first time.

Just how the philosophical and political legacy bequeathed by bearded, 19th-century misogynists has failed to keep pace with the international magazine's "Guy Confessions" and "Cosmo Gyno" sections is a question which remains unresolved in my mind -- and minds much like mine.

"Last week I literally spent 14 hours debating with someone in a comment thread about anarcho-syndicalism, and I wrote this great post about it, and my sister didn't even share it with all her Facebook friends," says another revolutionary internet blogger.

"If the average person can't come home from work and appreciate the fruits of what I've been arguing about online all day, we're going to be stuck with the tyrannical reign of a much more popular commercial media forever."


Johnny Sunshine Jackson said...

You are a treasure.

James N. said...

We need one or two more in this series to hit the Chandrasekhar Irony Limit.

Anonymous said...

I like ladypoverty.blogspot.com , bookmarked for future reference


Abonilox said...

I think it sort of helps that my significant other avoids reading my blog. I actually managed to keep it a secret from her for months.

(Thank you for not writing about Jersey Shore lately.)

bensix said...

Feel you, bro'. I've had more hits for posting one photo of Louise Brooks than for all the earnest "j'accuse"'s against the status quo.

JRB said...


Reconciling your most cherished views with your most cherished relationship is the final test of all internet smartassery.

As for the Jersey Shore -- you are very welcome! I look forward to not writing on a much broader range of topics in the near future.


Thanks for the awesome blog. I will be checking it out!

bensix said...

Why, thank you! And your own.