Thursday, June 02, 2011

Girls wear less clothing in summer, colleague reports

In what really could have developed into a conversation about anything else, a co-worker today argued that girls wear fewer articles of clothing in warm weather, and felt confident enough in this claim to prosecute an open-ended commentary on the phenomenon and its implications.

"It's cos they can't stand the heat!" he said.

The basic argument went as follows: If you think of clothing as something that covers the skin; and skin, or at least its "underneath part," clocks in around 98.6 degrees; then as the ambient temperature of Philadelphia rises, so too does the willingness of "females" to discard needless accoutrements, like "bras" and "drawers," because they are "already so hot on the inside."

This in turn informed the speaker's preference for warm-to-hot weather because -- unlike some of his Muslim neighbors -- he'd rather observe for himself what clothing might otherwise conceal.

"I don't care what they say about global warming. Give me the heat!" he editorialized.

Whether or not the conversation, an elaborate restatement of something I had clearly taken for granted, can be counted as a constructive use of time is a question best weighed against the total amount of time wasted at work while considering it.


Hattie said...

Very well thought out.
And I hope the heat wave doesn't last too long, but I expect you are really in for it.

BroadSnark said...

I must object. I assure you that, on South Beach, people went around in bikinis in winter too. Your colleague may want to consider a transfer.

George Jones said...

ha. a coworker of mine observed today that another, female coworker had been "tying her shoes for, like, five minutes. We were all like, ah..." and here he craned his head as though he were looking at her ass.

Cüneyt said...

It seems like, as usual, we think more in listening than some do in speaking.

Anonymous said...

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