Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Open letter to a dude

Dear dude,

If you must expectorate all over the sidewalk, you will leave me no choice but to characterize you as the type of person who expectorates all over the sidewalk.

Consider yourself warned,

He Who Swallows Much Mucus


Anonymous said...

You swallow that stuff? It's toxic! It was produced deep down in your respiratory tract and nothing good can come of it! It should be hawked up and spat out, preferably on an enemy's foot or face.

Meanwhile the title reminds me of:

Justin said...

Maybe my worst habit (other than smoking crack). But dammit, when I am riding the bike, I am pretty much constantly blowing my nose out into the wind and spitting up stuff, I think its all the crap I am breathing in. I tend to ride more than I walk, so when I am walking, I almost unthinkingly do the same thing. Ah, I guess its alright if you think of me as the type to do that, cause I am.

Brian M said...

Yeah...the snot rockets while cycling is a very embarassing problem. What else can you do...carry a hankerchief? Really?