Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sex muskets

I am called out for not "knowing" who Johnny Rotten is. I say, "I don't know lots of things." It's an appeal to knowledge: you want them to know who you are by considering the borders of what you're not. And I will tell you one thing. When I am playing music, I am not thinking about Johnnys Rotten, Shelf-stable, or otherwise.


Anonymous said...

Knowing data points tends to give some people a sense of security, maybe a whiff of wisdom or a sniff of scholarship.

But as I often remark, being able to label something isn't the same as understanding it, its purpose, its drives, its behavior.

A friend recently expressed disbelief that I didn't know who Casey Anthony was, and hadn't heard about the trial of the century. This disbelief was rooted in my possession of a JD and history of working as a lawyer.

I had to remark that TV trials aren't really trials any more, and that they are TV spectacles designed to sell ideas about the role of the citizen vs the govt.

I was getting too abstract, apparently, as the conversation died there.

Anyway, I know who John Lydon is and I don't think a person is lesser for not knowing that point of information.

Randal Graves said...

I'm still mad they shoved the NBA finals into a little corner so the screen could be filled with a scampering white automobile.

You all better know who was playing!

almostinfamous said...

better attempt than your last post, at any rate :)

drip said...

Haha Randall Graves. I remember. I had just come back into the country and was waiting for a connecting flight home and couldn't wait to watch Olajuwon and Ewing and could not figure out what was going on. What a country.

Anonymous said...

fuck sticks?