Friday, November 06, 2009

Team member happiness


Employers may not fully grasp what it takes to retain good people. In its latest biannual survey, released in October, temp firm Spherion Staffing Solutions asked about 300 employers and about 2,500 workers to name the top "drivers of retention." As they did in 2007 and 2005, the bosses listed soft stuff: "management climate" and "supervisor relationship," for instance. Employees' top two in all three surveys? Benefits and compensation.

In my career, the sentiment was most poetically rendered above the urinal in the verse "Fuck you, pay me."


Salty said...

"Employers may not fully grasp what it takes to retain good people."

What idiot wrote that? Of course they know! But if they act confused or pretend like they don't, maybe they won't have to pay as much and we won't hate them for it.

Didn't work, but hey.

Anonymous said...

wage suppression: theyz doin it rite!

JRB said...

You don't see promise in "supervisor relationship"?