Saturday, April 03, 2010


Richard Rohr, Simplicity:

Pyramids are always pyramids of sacrifice. Whether it is the hundreds of thousands of slaves creating monuments to Egyptian kings, the sacrificial victims offering their hearts to Aztec gods, or the underpaid maids and janitors in the tourist hotels of the world, someone always has to give his or her life so that someone else can be "special." When that specialness is idealized and protected instead of avoided and made unnecessary, as Jesus taught, we have the destructive and dark side of power. Jesus struck at the nerve center of such power when he empowered honest human relationships instead of degrees of religious worthiness. Jesus built circles instead of pyramids. What they could not forgive him for, even on the cross, was that he announced the necessary destruction of the holy temple. "Not a stone will stand on a stone. Everything will be destroyed" (Mark 13:2).

There's something very portable about the truth, isn't there? It finds its translation into every language.


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