Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Wants and needs

So, sure. Obama continues to blow up women his daughters' age in order to get at the guys who keep them from going to school -- and that's because detaining a homie might require some kind of evidence down the line.

But, dude, you gotta remember: We are at war.


Ethan said...

Speaking of the ipad, io9 had a surprisingly perceptive article about it a while back. There are still some unhealthy assumptions in it, I think, but overall it's about how shitty it is that all you can do with this brand new exciting consumer object is consume other things.


Ben There said...

I borrowed this picture. Hope you don't mind.

Jack Crow said...


Cory Doctorow wrote a similar critique.

Thanks for the link. Good way to start the AM.

~ Jack

Anonymous said...

terrific post, as usual