Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The dark art of freedom

Ronen Bergman, Wall Street Journal:

Past experience suggests that if Mr. Mubarak's regime is toppled, not only will American interests suffer, but the cause of freedom in Egypt could be set back dramatically.

The author is credited as "currently working on a book about the Mossad and the art of assassination."


mp said...

How can people be free without a secret police?

Anonymous said...

Assassination as art.

"Civilization," my ass. If there's a God behind the strange religion practiced by the Israeli government, that god would be more like Kali or Shiva -- a satellite in a constellation of gods, where each god has his/her own realm of power. Assassination as a social good? Nice trick being the one who is empowered to call the hits.

cemmcs said...

Wow, he's really an expert! We should absolutely believ him.

Beth E. said...

Terrific haiku of a post!

@Oxtrot: At least Kali wears her conquered skulls around her waist...more than might be said of the Mossad (or Netanyahu).

Anonymous said...

I hear Binny's breath betrays baby-eating... so he's got that going for him in comparison to Kali!