Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Our boy, Roger

Roger Cohen, New York Times:

The big shift is in the captive Arab mind. It is an immense journey from a culture of victimhood to one of self-empowerment, from a culture of conspiracy to one of construction. It is a long road from rage to responsibility, from humiliation to action.

Roger Cohen, reporting on location, inside the Arab mind.


Anonymous said...

He's got a gift, that Roger Cohen.

bonobo said...

From the Angry Arab:

If I have one regret these days, it is this: I wish that Arabs have been MORE conspiracy-minded in their analysis than they have been. Their level of conspiracy theory has been naively low.

JRB said...

Yeah! I also liked this, from yesterday:

Let me say this: we Arabs have been mocked for resorting to conspiracy theory. I say this: if you look at the Arab world without trying to understand the outside conspiracies, you are dumb and you don't know what you are talking about.