Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Rumsfeld, Bremer Retract Iraq Confessions

from CNN
"A question I answered today at an appearance before the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) regarding ties between al Qaeda and Iraq regrettably was misunderstood. I have acknowledged since September 2002 that there were ties between al Qaeda and Iraq."

- Donald Rumsfeld


Sheryl said...

Someone should have asked him how the "ties between al Qaeda and Iraq" compare to the ties between al Qaeda and Saudi Arabia. Because even if there are "ties between al Qaeda and Iraq," they are scanty when compared to the ties to other countries we haven't bombed.

Here's the "tie between al Qaeda and Iraq": US government wanted to iraqi oil and 9/11 gave the Bush administration the excuse to attack it. That's the main "tie" as far as I can tell.

Sheryl said...

And as far as wishy washiness goes, they can't seem to get their messages straight on whether Iraq was or was not supposed to be tied to Al-Qaeda. I like how Edwards pointed out that there were 50 someodd countries with stronger ties to Al-Qaeda that were not bombed.

That was a really good debate tonight. I thought it might be. :)