Sunday, August 23, 2009

19th century insights

New York Times:

What unites communities with historically high rates of discrimination against girls is a rigid patriarchal culture that makes having a son a financial and social necessity.

The New York Times prefers a fluid patriarchal culture with high rates of violence and discrimination against women as increased profit and market share remain a financial and social necessity.

But as Marx noted 150 years ago, "That sucks, too!"


Jenny said...

Ah but Women and Men in India are fighting against domestic abuse:

Jenny said...

and did you even read the rest of the article? It basically said just because a country may be more developed economically doesn't mean their views of gender are fair. It's protrayed as a negative thing, for fuck's sake.

JRB said...


You are right to point out that a preference needn't be uncritical.


Jenny said...

Ah okay, condescend to me. I was just offering a differing interpretation.