Monday, May 17, 2010

Behind every successful woman

Wall Street Journal:

Why the lack of resources? Again, women must accept part of the responsibility. Research shows that women tend to view debt as a "bad thing" to be avoided. For expansion capital, most turn to business earnings, which usually limits growth potential. Research supports the idea that one of women's strengths is relationship building, yet women seldom focus on building relationships with bankers. Lack of relationships with bankers and limited knowledge about financial products and services explain to a great degree why more women don't seek more sophisticated forms of financial products and services.

If only I was a man of means, I could counsel women on the importance of "building relationships" with me!


MP said...

Yes, that is typical of banksters - it's all our fault. Women have a tendency to be careful, because they know they can't COUNT on those bankers. Not if you're not one of the boyz or you are already rich.

DPirate said...

Research hates women. Also, you should have a relationship with a banker and gain knowledge of his sophisticated product.

What smut rag did you get this out of, anyway?