Monday, June 29, 2009

Dollars and sense

New York Times:

For decades, Mr. Madoff built his reputation — and his client base — on the promise of healthy returns that flowed in as reliably as the tides.

Reputations are easy to build when money flows in as reliably as the tides, aren't they?

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Montag said...

one of madoff's victims was on television last night. he had lost his whole life savings of $5 million dollars to madoff. he was to testify at the sentencing, and felt he had to speak out because of the depth of the evil involved. he said 'evil' several times. after the nth mention, i turned to K and said "all he stole was money." it's not like he is accused of rape or slavery. i'd like to see a little more 'blaming the victim' going on in this particular case. just for grins.