Friday, June 19, 2009

Reading LOL!ita in Tehran

"A student in Iran," New York Times:

We look over this wall of marching people to see what our friends in the United States are saying about us... To our great dismay, what we find is that in important sectors of the American press a disturbing counternarrative is emerging: That perhaps this election wasn’t a fraud after all. That the United States shouldn’t rush in with complaints of democracy denied, and that perhaps Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is the president the Iranian people truly want (and, by extension, deserve).

Wow, what important sector of the American press is that? I would very much like to become acquainted with this important sector of the American press, and other important sectors like it, which pen disturbing counternarratives implying the United States shouldn't rush to judgment on the subject of Iran.


IOZ said...

Clearly Iranians are flocking to Who Is IOZ? for commentary. I'm bigger than Jesus, you know.

Christopher M. said...

Millions worldwide are reading you, Larison, and my feed.

Jenny said...

While I agree we shouldn't invade Iran or do anything drastic, I beg to differ about Ahmindjad and the legitamacy of the protesters themselves:

Okay, I know it's the new york times,but there's other op eds online that have better explanations for the protesters' grievances. And yes I know Mousavi is Neo liberal.