Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Farmland is for investors

Financial Times:

[Indian] security forces are slowly pushing into Maoist-held areas to battle the rebels, though local human rights groups accuse them of slaughtering innocent civilians then branding them as Naxal rebels.

Something tells me that when it comes to living within the sights of Indian developers, there is no such thing as an innocent civilian!


Anonymous said...

well said. something tells me that the indian state has learned a thing or two from the US in afghanistan about dealing w/unruly villagers.

C├╝neyt said...

Oh, don't jump the gun, Anon. Indian security forces have been doing this for years in Kashmir. Look it up: they'll kidnap a civilian, dress him up in appropriate garb, give him a gun, and shoot him to death to claim bounties.

This is all much older than our war; but point taken. We make it a lot easier.

JRB said...

I think the Indian experience goes back to the US experience with Indians.

Anonymous said...

re: mr Cuneyt
the corporate media here venerate what they call 'encounter specialists' who, as you may suspect, are specialists in the fascistic act mentioned above. this of course, is in addition to acting as paid goons for various politicians which is where the real money is.