Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Financial Times:

The Naxalites feed on deprivation and the marginalisation of India’s forest-dwelling tribal people. They are canny at identifying local grievances. Well over three quarters of India’s 660,000 villages, for example, are not connected to a road and many have no drinking water, power, school or clinic. A new focus is on mining companies that extract rather than create local wealth, often at ruinous environmental cost.
The original Naxalite problem in West Bengal was largely resolved by (communist-led) land reform.

Little wonder that India's rural population is now considered the state's greatest security threat, what with their "canny" knack for "identifying local grievances" by, you know, experiencing them.

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almostinfamous said...

'naxal', to the indian politican is what 'terrorist' is to the american one.

this is also a process of ethnic cleansing in a way because many(and by some accounts most) of those affected by this large-scale appropriation of land, and who consequently take up arms are actually those who have stayed away from so-called civilization and lived in 'tribal' societies.