Monday, February 08, 2010

Women Wobblies organize first Starbucks in right-to-work state

Liberté Locke, Industrial Worker:

It was exactly one week before Christmas, which is Starbucks' busiest time of year. More importantly, the store manager, Lindsay Karsh, had declared it Partner (Employee) Appreciation Day. In past years, Partner Appreciation Day was when the manager would use company money to purchase pizza for all the workers as a sort of holiday gift right before Christmas. This year, on top of cutting hours, delaying raises, forcing baristas to work with H1N1 ("swine flu") [symptoms], and disrespecting workers, [Karsh] decided to save the store money and make the day a potluck. [The] workers -- who are struggling to survive and are making just above minimum wage -- were forced to buy their own food in order to participate.

Strangely enough, these women didn't act on their "freedom" to pursue another employer in the middle of a recession. Maybe they weren't the ones who deserved to be inconvenienced, after all!

Consider their example.

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