Thursday, December 30, 2010

First the working class, then "the Left"

Robert Parry, via AZspot:

The hard truth is that until the Left gets onto the field in a much more serious way and starts engaging the Right in its “war of ideas” -- including making major investments in media, think tanks and other means of getting information to the public -- politicians will continue to disappoint and embitter the Left. So will mainstream journalists.

This is the Arianna Huffington approach to engaging the Right: the Left must make major investments in media, think tanks and other means of getting information to the public. That part of "the Left" which is ruling class, in other words: neither you, me, or anyone we know is in a position to start their own think tank!

I'd much rather that people like us, anyone whose daily vitality is absorbed by employers, extend ourselves sympathetically to anyone else in the same situation; and commit ourselves to dialogue, whether the individual identifies "left," "right," "Christian" or "racist."

If what is called "the Left" is going to amount to anything worthwhile, it can only come through the self-organization of the working class. That means insofar as you are compelled by economic necessity to seek employment from anybody else, you have a necessary role to play, from whatever vantage point you occupy within the economic hierarchy.

Thanks to Montag


what the Tee Vee taught said...

Damn it! I just sent a 100 word idea statement — with a Benji Franklin folded inside — to FOXNEWS, asking them to read it on air...

You're telling me that was silly?

Marcus said...

Really great post.

I think that for those who actually are at least trying to think freely, being the left or the right (or marxist) is just playing the same game as the other.

How about just plain old trying to [learn to] think freely. That would be a big start (for marxists as well, isms ain't doin no one no good as far as I can see...but hey, maybe ur ism is the magical one. lol. this isn't intended as an attack, just making a point.)