Thursday, December 09, 2010

The money fetish

One of the most woeful predilections to befall the modern working man is his eagerness to embrace the terms by which "you could make a lot of money." Rarely is the point raised, in his defense, that a life spent chasing money is a life spent chasing the priorities of the people who have the money; and that these priorities have never included him.


Ben There said...

For crying out loud! Every now and then you say the most brilliant things.

So simple but maybe .01% of your fellow Amurikans get that.

Awesome JRB.

Hattie said...

Not only that, but the minute money comes in, creativity leaves. The world fills up with junk created simply to make money.

Beth E. said...

Not to rain on your parade, Hattie, but money is actually useful, in particular circumstances, when applied to making something really meaningful take place. The problem arises when money becomes its own reward, when it's the focus of your actions for its own sake. THEN we fall into the trap that JRB beautifully describes here.

The key is not to chase after other people's priorities, but to remain focused on your own.

Randal Graves said...

Without money, how do you expect me to judge the worth of others? Sheesh.

Peter Ward said...

I know a fair few who have dedicated their endeavors to chasing money and ended up with a lot of money (irrespective of the priorities of those with more money...and power). Almost by definition chasing money is what it takes to get a lot of it. IMO, that we live in a society that this end is a pathological fixation is the problem.