Friday, July 09, 2004

Howard Stern Interviews Michael Moore


Sheryl said...

This 23% ownership of Disney by Saudi royal family thing caught my ear.

I was looking into it all night. The main gentleman in question is Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdul Aziz. I'd like to know more about this Kingdom Holding Company he owns in Riyadh. If the Saudi family is playing games with the American market, then that is their front company because that is the one that is listed time and again in the Security and Exchange Commission database.

Sheryl said...

This gentleman tries to explain the Alwaleed and Kingdom Holding Company connection I mentioned earlier in his blog.

I think he missed the photo album though; I found that by accident.

See Alwaleed With World LeadersThe collection of photos shows that Bush is not alone is mingling with the Saudi royals. I actually think it would be necessary for anyone trying to deal with Saudi Arabian politics to deal with the royal family.

What is interesting is that Alwaleed did not include a photo of himself with Bush in his choice of online pics. He has ones with Clinton and Carter and Bill Gates. So much for conspiracy theories!!!!

But this is the member of the royal family who owns shares in Disney. According to his portfolio, however, he's currently claiming to owning 1% at the moment. Maybe he sold some recently.

So my conclusion is that Michael Moore exaggerates things to make his points. This guy is a billionaire, so politicians worldwide kiss his ass. That's what it really comes down to.

Sheryl said...

This article fills in all the gaps on the Saudi connection to Disney:, it took me so many comments, but I thought that was very interesting relative to the movie.