Saturday, July 24, 2004

Pentagon Finds 'Destroyed' Bush Service Records

from The Associated Press

A Pentagon official said the earlier contention that the records were destroyed was an "inadvertent oversight."


J.R. Boyd said...


Anonymous said...

Have the credit card receipts from Big Bob's Drink'n'Stink Liquor Supply Depot circa 1978 also gone missing? They could finally answer the question: was W. honorably discharged from A.A. or did his Pop pull some strings?

Notrusto Arbusto

Sheryl said...

I know this is getting off topic, but I wonder why the writer of this article referred to Bush as "future president?"

Have I been time warped into the past where and he has not yet been declared President? Or are they assuming he'll get a legitimate term in November?

Anonymous said...

"future" as in from the frame of reference of the 70s when the papers were created

Sheryl said...

Oh yeah, that must be it! Duh! OK, thanks. X-) I obviously need more caffeine.